A lasur is a impregnating action coating , and is considered the most appropriate treatment for exterior wood because it guarantees high levels of protection over them. It is the best for its ability to generate an "open pore" finish that allows the wood to breathe to regulate humidity and facilitate its exit. As it is a porous material, this coating penetrates deeply into the wood, protecting it to the maximum. In turn, the flexibility of the resins that it contains in its composition allows it to adapt to the dimensional variations experienced by this material exposed to the elements.

Thanks to this finish, the material does not chip or crack over time, as usually happens with varnishes. Therefore, it becomes a very effective treatment for woods that live outdoors, with a wide range of products available in LEROY MERLIN stores.

  • Protects from ultraviolet action. 
  • Fights biological organisms, fungi and molds. 
  • Water repellent properties. 
Although when it is necessary to protect against fungi and insects, it is best to use a suitable protector based on biocides and apply lasur afterwards.